I am Professor of Gender and Sexuality at the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research in Faculty of Arts Media and Design at Birmingham City University.

I am the author of Rock Hudson BFI publishing 2015 and of Melodrama: Genre Style Sensibility (with Martin Shingler). I am co-editor of the Journal of Gender Studies, one of the editorial founders of Porn Studies, editorial board member of Sexualities and Celebrity Studies.

I have written about film and television genres, celebrity and stardom, the pornography debate, the sexualisation of contemporary media culture and contemporary masculinity.

My research interests concern the politics of representation, in particular sexual representation, the connections between gay pornography and the making of a gay identity, the social and cultural construction of masculinities, performances of gender in the media and the wider culture, and melodrama, emotion and affect in the media and their gendered modes of address.

I supervise PhD students with projects around sex, sexuality, gender and screen based media. You can find out more about my research students here

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